The Midtown Trail

Connecting Sarnia from East to West

nuSarnia Foundation’s dream of a community designed for walkability and cycling is one step closer to reality with the creation of the Midtown Trail. 

This new trail will traverse our city from east to west all the way from Lambton College to our beautiful waterfront at Sarnia Bay, and is slated to be completed in 2023. It’s a hybrid trail that combines dedicated paths, bike-friendly streets in various subdivisions, and new raised crosswalks with beg buttons. 

This is a multi-faceted project with the City of Sarnia Engineering and Operation Department, Lambton College, Bluewater Health and nuSarnia Foundation, all working together in cohesive collaboration. This extensive commitment of time, knowledgeable input and resources is a fine example of community building at its best. 

We will continue to passionately support and advocate for the development of robust trails, paths, walkways and crossings in the name of connectiveness, safety, and accessibility for all residents in Sarnia. This project continues through into 2024 with new sections being completed on a continual basis by the City of Sarnia Engineering and Operations Department. Stay tuned to our social channels for updates. 

Project Goals

Goal 1

Creating a safe path for all to enjoy. 

Goal 2

Connecting Sarnia from East to West. 

Goal 3

Increasing accessibility for all community members. 

Project Partners