Submit An Idea For The Pedestrian Safety and Improvement Reserve Fund

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Sample Letter

A pre-written letter is below. If you’d like, personalize the letter with your own experience of walking or cycling along Blackwell Rd. Have you had a dangerous encounter?  Are your kids comfortable walking or cycling along this road?  Do you have an idea how the City can make this space safer? These personal details will demonstrate what designated pedestrian spaces can do for our community. 


I support Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety on Blackwell Road 


I am writing to you because I fully support the request for increased measures to provide pedestrian and cyclist safety along Blackwell Road. In addition to the growing number of households along this corridor, the surrounding areas are quickly being developed upon which will increase the number of families and young children using this road to walk, cycle or roll to where they need to go.  

This stretch of Road between Modeland Rd. and Telfer Rd. is also promoted as a “bike friendly” route on both Google Maps and Ontario by Bike. If we are going to encourage residents and visitors to cycle along this route, it is our responsibility to provide a safer space to do so.  

(Include personal story or testimonial)   

I ask that you continue to demonstrate your leadership for safer streets and a healthy, active and socially connected community by committing to addressing the safety issues along Blackwell Road.  

Thank you.