Canada Day Pop Up Protected Bike Lane

Pop Up Bike Lane

Canada Day Pop Up Protected Bike Lane

In partnership with The City of Sarnia and the Bluewater Trails Committee, nuSarnia Foundation created two cycling paths to help connect Sarnia residents to the Canada Day festivities in Canatara Park. 

Dedicated cycling lanes were setup on Michigan Road, beginning at the Howard Watson Trail, as well as from downtown, along Front Street.

The Michigan Road cycling lanes began at the Howard Watson Trail and Michigan, connecting families from anywhere along the trail, all the way from Camlachie and up to Wellington Street. This route also served families traveling to Canatara from many nearby neighborhoods such as Blackwell, The Rapids Parkway, Wiltshire, Twin Lakes, Oak Acres, and many more! 

The second route connected virtually every resident in Sarnia to Canatara Park through the main bus terminal at Lochiel. From the bus terminal, residents make their way down to the waterfront path (Bluewater Bike Path), along the waterfront until the Front Street crosswalk between Nelson and Maxwell. Front Street was closed to car traffic from London to Exmouth, to allow cyclists to safely make their way from the waterfront path, onto Front Street, and continue to the Front Street multi-use path, and then crossing Michigan Road, all the way into Canatara Park. 

Bluewater Trails had a large bike parking station all set up for riders!

Project Goals

Goal 1

Promoting multiple modes of access to community events. 

Goal 2

Improving the traffic flow (less congestion on roads and more parking spaces available at Canatara).

Goal 3

Increasing confidence and protection for bicyclist.

Project Results

Project Partners