Pop Up Protected Bike Lane

Pop Up Bike Lane

Colborne Road Pop Up Protected Bike Lane

In the summer of 2022, a group of residents got together to discuss the safety of the bike lanes along Colborne Road.

While families welcomed the bike lanes when they were implemented, many felt they were unsafe due to increased traffic speeds, the narrow width of the lane, and the notion that a painted white line won’t keep their young children protected against motorists.

Using a tactical urbanism approach based off infrastructure used in many, many other cities, this group of volunteers came together and created a temporary pop-up protected bike lane. They painted the lane bright blue to increase visibility, and added blue traffic delineators to create a physical barrier between the motorists and cyclists. While the project was in place, they monitored data such as traffic speeds, cycling lane usage, and gathering feedback from residents, cyclists, and all those affected by the project.

Project Goals

Goal 1

Reduced traffic speed and awareness.

Goal 2

Increased confidence and protection for bicyclists. 

Goal 3

A more connected neighbourhood.

Project Results