Outdoor Movie & Parkette

Outdoor Movie & Parkette

Outdoor Movie & Parkette

In May of 2023, we hosted an official launch party and debut screening of our documentary to a large group of supporters. 

We demonstrated tactical urbanism placemaking by transforming a bare parking lot into a pop-up park, complete with an outdoor movie theatre, games, and of course, a concession stand. 

In partnership with Sipkins Nurseries, we brought plant life to an otherwise desolate parking lot to provide greenery. The parkette had lots of games for kids and a variety of seating for people to gather. 

Project Goals

Goal 1

To thank our closest supporters, volunteers, and community partners.

Goal 2

Debut the nuSarnia documentary, A New Path: A Journey Towards A More Connected Sarnia.

Project Results

This project proved that relatively small-scale, low-budget and temporary projects can enrich neighborhoods through temporary minor changes to the built environment. We had an awesome night celebrating with great friends, excellent food, and a sweet outdoor movie. 

Project Partners